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Details as recorded with the Kennel Club

All dogs must be REGISTERED at the Kennel Club in the name of the exhibitor. Please send a copy of the pedigree(s) to hctambulc.[antispam].@hovawartclub.nl


Registration in class

* A copy of the statement of the ruling organisation (class 6) or copy confirmation of championship (class 7) must be sent by e-mail, or regular mail. If not received in time, the dog will be placed in open class. After the closure date it is not possible to change class nor will it be at the day of the show.

Please send a copy of the pedigree by e-mail to: hctambulc.[antispam].@hovawartclub.nl
Entry fees must be prepaid to the account of NL93 RABO 0340 1713 67, BIC: RABONL2U, attn. Hovawart Club Nederland, indicating the name of the dog and the owner. Closing date is 20th September 2024.


I hereby declare:

  1. by registration I accept the rules and regulations of the Raad van Beheer and the Kynologisch Reglement. I am familiar with the content of these regulations;
  2. the dog registered for the show, has not been at risk or in danger of contamination with distemper or any other contagious infectious desease within the last 12 weeks, and will not enter the dog if those circumstances will as yet appear;
  3. the dog has been vaccinated accordingly, through regular vaccinations of which the validity is verifiable. Dogs from outside the Netherlands have to be vaccinated for Rabiës.;
  4. to pay the entry fee in time

By enrolling the dog, the exhibitor agrees to the making and using of photo material. In case the exhibitor objects to the publication of his or her photograph, the exhibitor will have to make this known to the HCN/HVN. The HCN/HVN will then take the objection into account. For persons under the age of 16, the HCN/HVN will ask for explicit consent of a parent or legal representative of the child.

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