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IHF Triple WM 2024 (24 t/m 27-10-2024)

donderdag 24 oktober 2024

Rohrbach-Berg, Österreich

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The International Hovawart Federation (IHF) is a union of clubs and associations for Hovawarts. Alongside breeding-related exchanges, there have also been joint events of dog sports for years. In the areas of tracking, IGP and Obedience, there have mostly been indipendant World Championships where Hovawart dog sports enthusiasts from all IHF member countries have had the opportunity to compete and crown the world champion in the highest test level.

We are looking forward to organising a Triple World Championship in Austria in 2024, cheering on the best dog athletes from all disciplines on their journey to become world champions. Class winners will be determined in all lower levels of the competitions. Additionally, there will be an international BH3 (Companion Dog) tournament as part of the event.

The Austrian Club of Hovawart Friends is responsible for the IHF World Championship 2024. Upper Austria was chosen due to its geographical location and excellent accessibility. SVÖ Rohrbach-Berg is our host, and all events will take place on the club’s premises and in the surrounding tracking area.


The World Championship will be conducted in the highest test level for each discipline:

IGP-FH | IGP3 | Obedience 3


Additionally, there will be the following class competitions:

Tracking: IFH-V, IFH1
Obedience: Obedience 1, Obedience 2


International Tournament

BGH3 – Tournament


Each IHF country has the opportunity to nominate two participants per discipline for the World Championship (IGP-FH, IGP, OB). Additional participants can also register for the World Championship at the highest level. Entries will be ranked behind the nominated starters. Following this, in IGP and Obedience, the tests for level 2 and then level 1 will be set until the maximum number of possible starters is reached. The number of starters depends on the number of trials a judge can conduct per day according to the regulations.


Entries for IFH-V, IFH1, and BH3 are independent of countries and will be accepted based on the order of entry until the maximum number of participants is reached.



Thursday, October 24, 2024

from 8:00 am Trial training BH, OB, IGP / registration for the event and vet check
7:00 pm Evening celebration with drawing

Friday, October 25, 2024

from 8:00 am – approx. 4:00 pm International BH3 Tournament /
Area: Day 1 IGP FH Tracking 1

Saturday, October 26, 2024

from 8:00 am Obedience demonstrations Class 1 + Class 2
from 1:00 pm Competition area: Obedience Class 3 demonstrations /

Area: Tracking for IGP 1-3, tracking tests IFH-V, IHF1 /
Following: Trial protection service

7:00 pm 2nd Evening celebration

Sunday, October 27, 2024

from 8:00 am Demonstrations IGP1-2 and IGP 3 Sections B + C /

Area: Day 2 IGP FH Tracking 2

Approx. 4:00 pm Awards ceremony BH3/FH/OB/IPG





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